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Refrigerant Dryer

      Moisture in a compressed air stream increases the cost of operation. It contributes to unecessary product rejects and countless hours of unscheduled maintenance. Air tool lubricant gets washed away creating unnecessary wear. Highly acidic, this condensed water eats away at air motors and valves and contaminates finished goods.

         There are several different ways to rid your system of moisture. The most effective way is with an Air Dryer. An Air Dryer is placed directly down stream and plumbed "In-Line" with your compressed air system. What this does is effctively remove the moisture from the air system before it enters the rest of the plant distribution.

        We sell two different types of Air Dryers, The first and most common is known as a Refrigerated Air Dryer. When ambient temperatures are above 35 degrees, a Refrigerated Dryer is most commonly used. There is very little maintenance with a refrigerated dryer. The alternative to a Refrigerant Dryer is a Desiccant Dryer. When ambient temperatures get below freezing, a Twin Tower Desiccant Dryer is the way to go. With a potential -40 Dew point a Desiccant Dryer is perfect for those critical applications.



Desiccant Dryer

Sales/Service of the following:

  • Refrigerant Air Dryers

  • Desiccant Air Dryers

  • Water Seperators

  • Pre-Filters

  • After-Filters

  • Activated Alumina

  • By Pass Valving

  • Solenoids

  • Condensate Drains

  • Breathing Air Purifiers

  • Oil/Water Separators

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